Various Types of Psychic Reading


There are numerous ways in which psychic reading is practiced. It is possible that a psychic may have no tool for carrying out the psychic reading. A psychic can only use one technique of psychic reading as he has his own special psychic power in that particular area. Some of the most commonly used psychic reading techniques are as follows.

First in the list is astrology. It is the study of distant objects in the cosmos like the sun, stars and other planets. Astrology has helped in determining the position of these stars and sun and the effect of their movement on the life of humans.

Second in the list is aura reading. In this reading the psychic makes use of the aura of a person to do readings. The aura of a person can only be seen by a psychic reader and the results are found and interpreted in the light of this aura. The aura is basically a luminous circle that has surrounded a person.

Cleromancy is a technique of psychic reading which uses the help of small objects, belonging to the person. Cartomancy is a technique that uses playing cards for the purpose of fortune telling.

Besides these techniques, there are also various other techniques that are used by psychic reader.

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