The Variants of Tarot Card Decks


Over the history of tart card reading, the decks of cards used for tarot reading have varied to a great degree. From all the variants, which were based on different designs and styles of cards according to their region, “Tarot de Marseille” was the most famous deck of tarot cards. It was re popularized in the 20th century by Paul Marceau.

Different decks of cards were rated by different people in different eras according to their personal liking and understanding of the tarot reading. Some decks of cards were created just for the sake of a specimen of the art work. They had no practical purpose and only consisted of 22 cards.

Other important variants of decks of tarot reading cards were created by Germany whose decks which were different from the card decks used by the French and Italians.

French decks came out in the 18th centaury. These cards contained picture of animals. They were known as Tiertarock decks.

German decks have 36 cards. There is no separate suit of trump cards.  Italian card decks are the oldest tarot decks. They first appeared in the 15th centaury. These card decks are based on three categories of cards.

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