Types of Psychic Powers


Psychic powers are also known as extra sensory powers or ESP. These psychic powers can be classified into 6 different powers. A list of these powers is as follows.

First in the list is clairvoyance. It is a power to see things, not with the physical eye but with the mental eye. Clairvoyants have clear visions about the things that are far away, hidden or the things that will take place in the future.

Clairvoyants can see things while clairaudience is a power that enables a person to hear sounds and words. These sounds and words can be from the future or from a different realm. These sounds can not be heard by the physical ears. Clair empathy enables a person to sense the emotions and feelings of other persons.

Psychometry is a power that enables a person to extract information about a person by holding something in hands that belongs to the person. These are usually very small things like a ring or a wrist watch.

A psychic person can also move things with the power of his mind. This power is known as psycho kinesis.

Sometimes, one’s perception of an idea or knowledge and information comes out to be true. This is commonly known as gut feeling. In literal terms, it is known as intuition. It is a certain inner knowledge about something.

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