The Dimensions of a Clairvoyant


Clairvoyance is one of the psychic abilities. It is a gift that is bestowed on a person by a super natural power. This gift enables the person to get information about a person, place or thing through the means of his extra sensory perceptions, other than his five normal senses.

Through clairvoyance, a person can get information about the persons, place or things that are distant in time and space. This information is acquired by seeing visions regarding a person, place or thing. Clairvoyants can have the ability to acquire information in several dimensions. The differentiation in the information that is acquired also differentiates these clairvoyants from one another.

A clairvoyant can have the aces to information in thee different dimensions. First of all, a clairvoyant can obtain information in its pre cognition state. In this dimension, a clairvoyant is able to see the visions regarding the events that will be going to take place in the future. Te second dimension of a clairvoyant will enable him to see the events in a person’s life that took place in his past. This is a dimension which is known as retro cognition. Through retro cognition, a clairvoyant will be able to extract basic information regarding the person. The third dimension is remote viewing which enables the person to see things that are not possible to see with the 5 normal senses.

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