Why People Visit Fortune Tellers?


A fortune teller claims that he can tell things that will be going to take place in the future and in this way he attracts the attention of a huge population. It is a basic human psyche to know, what is unknown. Curiosity is a good thing because all the progress and success of humans have only been possible because man always wanted to know new things.

A fortune teller knows that curiosity is a man’s biggest weakness and he also knows how to exploit it. When the fortune teller claims that he can tell about the things that will take place in the future, he is actually exploiting the biggest weakness of humans. The person is derived by his notion of curiosity and is forced to get in tangled with the fortune teller. The fortune teller’s business is based on the people’s need to know the unknown.

Should people often visit fortune tellers? The answer to this question is not simple and cannot be generalized. Because, some people would like to go to fortune tellers very often as they have intense curiosity needs. Others would not appreciate a visit to fortune teller as they don’t consider them real and authentic.

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