How a pendulum can help us to control our Chakras?


As we all know, there are 7 cycles in our body. Who keep our body and our senses in control? But sometimes we face such problems in which we are not able to control our senses. We need something through which we can control our senses and control our seven chakras. If we go to find, then we will find many such media which will claim that it will control our senses. But the best and effective medium in all of these is a pendulum. A pendulum is most helpful in controlling all the chakras and senses in our body. We all know that this is the seven chakras in our body.

All Chakras of our body:-

Root Chakra (Red): Rules basic needs food, shelter, work, survival; found at the base of the tailbone.
Sacral Chakra (Orange): Rules sexual needs, fertility matters; found in the pelvis.
Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow): Rules self-esteem, pride, personality, ego, values; found across shoulders.
Heart Chakra (Green): Rules emotions, love, relationships; found in the heart.
Throat Chakra (Blue): Rules communication all forms; found in the throat.
Third Eye Chakra (Indigo): Rules foresight, planning, seeing the future; found between two eyes.
Crown Chakra (White/Violet): Rules higher level thinking, your direct connection to the Divine. It is found at top of the head.

Whenever our mind is very turbulent, whenever there are many difficulties in our life come together. Then our senses and our body cycle do not remain under control. We become restless. We are always troubled to solve problems or to solve difficulties. And this is the reason that our problems and difficulties are not reduced, but rather increase. In such a case, the only pendulum is a device that can help us the most.

In such a state, we have to sit down and sit in one place. Then the pendulum must be put in front. And it will have to shake slowly. By which the bolded part in the axis of the pendulum will gradually turn right and left. Then we have to look at the lower part of the pendulum and have to concentrate. Then gradually our condition will start getting sluggish. After that, there are problems in our lives. You have to think about them. You will feel that your mind, your senses and all the chakras in your body are calm, and in your control. And when in such a situation you will think about their problems, they will think about their redress, then you will be surprised. Seeing that you are able to resolve your problem very easily. Pendulum helps us in this way. A pendulum is the best tool to solve your problems. And to activate all the cycles of your body. The pendulum is helpful in reducing the energy of our body. And it helps in awakening all the chakras of our body. Simultaneously, we keep the senses and all the chakras in our control. So whenever you are having problems, you are not getting any solution. Then a pendulum can change your life. Can solve your problems tell you So ask the pendulum to solve your problems without delay!

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