It is a very depressing situation when a loved one of us is passed away. The flashes of memories with them constantly start revolving in our mind. A lot of question arises; do they exist even after death? If yes, then where are they now? Can they see us? Can they hear us? The answers are yes. Yes, afterlife does exist, they can see and hear us, and they are around us. They want us to know that that they are at the place of peace and all the illness that they carried once in their life is left behind. They are happy and want us to not worry about them.

Death is a process when a soul leaves behind its physical form and continue living its new life in the other side what we call heaven. Heaven is the place of imaginations. It is the mirror to our imaginary world. Our loved ones leave all their negative thoughts, greed, anger and other grief’s while entering the other side which make them a peaceful soul. Their show specific interest in the family celebration parties and their presence can be easily felt at that time.  They care about us even after the death and want to guide us whenever we are in a difficult situation.

They want us to know that they are absolutely fine and we should not be in pain because of their passing. They want us to not miss them but remember them. They want us to know that they are watching over us. They want us to enjoy our life to the fullest irrespective of the hurdles of life. So what we need to do is laugh more, enjoy more and live more.

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