The Environment of Tarot Reading


When you do tarot reading you should follow these to make it feel more comfortable for your clients. A tarot reading includes the physical setting and your internal state. You must give proper respect to these five inner qualities that are beneficial for your readings. These are:

Receptive- It means you need to be open. You must be willing to take in what is offered without denial or rejection. By being open, it gives you the chance to receive what you need to know.

Listen to your Inner Guide- It is hard to hear the whispers of your Inner Guide when you are in turmoil. Tarot messages often arrive as gentle hints and realizations that can be easily overwhelmed by a restless mind. When you are calm, you are like a peaceful sea in which every ripple of insight can be perceived.

Focused- It is very important for a tarot reading. When I’m scattered and confused, the cards tend to be the same. Your most insightful readings will be those you do when the desire is very strong.

Stay Alert- When you are alert, all your faculties are alive and awake. Of course, you won’t be pouncing on your cards, but you will find them difficult to read if you are tired or bored.
Respectful- Being respectful means treating the cards as you would any valued tool. You honor the choice you have made in deciding to learn the tarot and handle the cards accordingly.

These five qualities are important but not necessary. The best way to decide if the time is right for a reading is to look inside. If something feels wrong, postpone the effort, but if your inner sense says go ahead, then all is well. Besides the inner environment, there is also the setting of reading to consider. The ideal Place is one that elicits feelings of quiet, peace, even reverence.

You could do a reading in a crowded market, but the noise and distractions would make your job difficult. Since you will probably be doing most of your readings at home, so try to create a peaceful environment there. Find a place in your home where you will do your readings. If you use the same place, again and again, you build up energy that reinforces your practice. You can do meditation or pray at the same place, as they harmonize with the tarot in spirit and intent. A separate room is ideal, but a corner set off by a screen, curtain, pillows or other dividers can work too.

Try also to create an atmosphere of beauty and meaning. Place some items nearby that are special to you. Objects from nature, such as shells, stones, crystals, and plants are always appropriate. Use talisman, figure or religious icon it will help you to focus. Consider pictures and artwork, especially your own, and appeal to your senses with such items as flowers, incense, candles, textured materials, and quiet, meditative music. These touches are nice, the only thing you really need is a space large enough to lie out the cards. You can use either a table or the floor. There is a grounded feeling to the floor. But, if that position is uncomfortable, a table is better. Choose a table of natural materials such as wood or stone.
It is advisable that you can cover the table or floor with a cloth to create a uniform area. Cloth material should be natural, such as silk, cotton, wool or linen. Choose the color with care as colors have their own energies. Try black, dark blue and purple. They are always good choices. The images on the cards stand out from the background so choose a cloth with little or no pattern. Consider keeping your cards wrapped in silk cloth, it preserves its energy. Silk has a luxurious feel that will remind you of the value you place on your cards.

Tarot cards are going to be your personal tool of communication with your Inner Guide. Tarot cards pick up the energy and character of those who use them, so set aside a tarot deck that is just for you, if you can. You want to bond with them closely. All you have to do is use the cards. That’s the important part.

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