Divination is derived from word  divinare which means “to foresee” . As we understand divination means foretelling future events. Many a times we get conscious with divination, we consider it as magical . This normally happens as we fail to understand science behind it. Based on different methods and objects there are various system of divination. For Eg.

Tarot Cards

Pendulum Dowsing

Crystal Balls

I Ching.

What so ever be the Divination system, every system believes on same principle that every object has energy and with which we all are connected. When we learn to understand the energy around us and how to interact with those energy that helps us to predict future. All these prediction is based on the action and path we chose. These Action decides how our future will look like. There is nothing in this world which can tell future without observing present. As we are human being and we have the power to decide and change our future. All these divination system are meant to help us understand what all challenges are there in future and what all opportunities will come in our way in this journey.


Divination Cards

There are various cards used in the different divination system. Some of the card system are:-

Tarot Card System

In this card system you get the possible outcome of your deepest wish. While keeping your wish in your mind a card is picked from the deck and based on the card chosen, possibility of outcome is decoded.

Angel Card System

Similar to Tarot Card, angel card system is also based on the cards. It is the simplest form of divination, in this system card comes with a written manual and instructions. By following those instructions one can start practicing divination. You just need to choose the card and check the meaning from the instruction manual.

Based on individual preferences any of the card system can be used. Whatsoever be the system it will help you and guide you to get the best from your life.


Benefit of divination

Divination can play an important role in deciding one’s future. As in every divination system there is wisdom associated with it. It not only helps in knowing what is going to happen in future but also helps in changing for good. Being a human being we are capable of changing our self and our situation for the betterment of our future. So divination benefits you by giving you enough time for the preparation of future outcomes. This way you are prepared for opportunities as well as shortfalls of coming future.


Scope of divination

Divination can be used at number of places including forecasting results of an event. Or Predicting the success of an operation performed by a doctor. This can be widely used in any of the day to day activities. The more divination is used and practiced the more it opens the gate of wisdom and knowledge. When you master this art you start getting right answers of future prediction. For all the forecasting it is very much important to make a note in a diary, so that you can check the correctness of the prediction. Prediction can range from long term to short term or day to day basis.

There do exist some negative aspects of  divination . Like following the prediction for every action will make you lose all your capabilities. Will also become a hindrance in taking any decision, apart from these there are other similar sort of things which are considered as a negative side of divination.



With number of advantages and so many mixed views in favour and as well as in against of divination. It will be right to say that system is good but results will depend how it is used and handled. One can get positive life out of each prediction as well as can ruin their capabilities of taking decision and self confidence.

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